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Before and after images of restorative work done by our dentists.





A veneer is designed to improve the appearance of teeth, while also acting as a layer of protection to prevent further damage. It is very thin and made from either composite resin or dental ceramic.

Crowns and Bridges




A crown is used to cap a damaged tooth. Dental bridges are one of the ways of treating a gap caused by missing teeth. Unlike dentures, both crowns and bridges are fixed devices which are cemented onto existing teeth or implants. As well as strengthening a damaged tooth, and preventing further damage, both crowns and bridges can be used to improve the appearance of teeth.  





Dental implants involve the insertion of titanium rods into the jawbone via surgery. These then act as anchors or supports for prosthesis, suck as a crown or a bridge. Talk to the team at Mt Albert Dental for further information about implant treatments.



Mt Albert Dental Centre can provide complete dentures, both conventional and immediate, as well as partial dentures.

  • Complete dentures – these replace all the teeth in the patient’s mouth
  • Partial dentures – these are constructed to replace missing teeth and fill in gaps

Immediate dentures are created in advance, meaning that the patient doesn’t have to live without teeth. These are only used while the conventional dentures are being made and the gum tissue is healing and shrinking.

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