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Airflow Therapy

Here at The Dental Suite Mt Albert, Auckland we are excited to introduce the Swiss-manufactured EMS AIRFLOW®. Airflow therapy is a much more comfortable and faster approach compared to traditional scaling methods. 

Using a combination of a fine powder, warm water and air under pressure we can effectively water-blast stains and biofilm off your teeth. Watch the video below to see how it works compared with traditional scaling methods.

Let’s walk through the steps to see why and how it works.

The treatment uses a Step by Step process called Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). It is a very targeted, effective and gentle way to remove bacteria and deposits on teeth. 

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What Is Biofilm?

Have you ever felt that furry feeling on your teeth? That’s biofilm (plaque) – a mix of good and bad bacteria that creates a sticky matrix and furry layer. When we brush and floss our teeth, we are removing biofilm. 

When this specific bacteria comes into contact with the gums for long periods of time it can cause them to get red, puffy and swollen. You may notice some form of bleeding when brushing or flossing your teeth. Removal of this certain bacteria can reverse this simple form of gum disease which is called gingivitis. If left untreated this bacteria can be involved in causing a more serious form of gum disease which is called periodontitis which is best known for causing damage to the supporting structures (gums, bone and ligaments) and can lead to tooth mobility (loose teeth) and eventual tooth loss. 

Initial Screening and Risk Assessment

Our first visit with you measures your starting condition – is it mild, are there early warning signs for your age, are you asymptomatic and yet have more serious gum disease?

This will vary from person to person and we are specifically looking at:

– The amount of bone you have around your teeth
– The amount of combined gum and bone you may have lost
(attachment loss)
– Is there inflammation and bleeding?
– How much biofilm is around?
– Do you have contributing health issues, such as high blood pressure,
diabetes or heart disease?

The hygiene appointment begins with Petria, our Dental Hygienist assessing your mouth and gums. We then place a coloured dye on your teeth to reveal biofilm (plaque) and calculus (tartar). This is a great way for you to see your problem areas, where you are missing and how to adjust you’re at-home cleaning routine. If we think you need to improve your oral hygiene, we can discuss better techniques for brushing and flossing, other oral health aids, and discuss factors that may be putting your oral health at risk.

Remove Biofilm, Stains and Early Calculus

Petria will then remove your biofilm, stains, food particles and early calculus with the AIRFLOW®. The Airflow works by projecting a controlled stream of very fine gentle powder, air and warm water onto the tooth to gently remove your deposits. This is a big step in preventing and managing gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease).

See below video for the full EMS AIRFLOW® Guided Biofilm Therapy experience:

Remove Remaining Calculus

The AIRFLOW® does not remove tough deposits such as calculus/tartar. Petria will use an Ultra-sonic scaler to remove the calculus and further clean the tooth surface. We will also discuss with you the amount of calculus present above and below the gum. In some cases, the removal of the calculus may require several appointments. Every mouth is unique so we customize your oral hygiene treatment plan accordingly.  Petria will then recommend a maintenance interval that best suits your oral health needs, this can be either 3,4,6 or 12 monthly depending on the individual needs of the patient.

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Don’t Just
Take Our
Word For It…

My husband has just had life changing treatment from Dusan. He had top teeth out 3 or so years ago, and the dentures have never fitted. He has lost about 20kg, as unable to eat. 2 Dental technicians, 2 sets of teeth, countless alterations later, no success, until we saw Dusan. He was so caring, so thorough, said he could do it better. Carly was also so helpful and caring, and they arranged appointments as soon as possible. For the first time since the extractions, he is eating! No pain & enjoying life again.

Helen Dufaur

Auckland Hygiene & Dental Spa 

If you want to find more information about stain removal, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Auckland dentures team. Call us on (09) 846 0658 or email us via our contact form and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

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